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Hello, I'm Matthew Gardiner, the CEO of Trafford Housing Trust and this is my blog. The idea is that it's a place that brings together my online activity - from Twitter to my own posts on housing and associated topics. Don't forget to subscribe to Housing Associations.


It is big. And it might be clever.

Published 13/02/2014

I recently blogged about having some reservations regarding the value of ‘Big Data’ and our need to get the small stuff right first. Well on this journey I am on, increasingly learning about how

It’s the value that matters, just as much as the money

Published 24/01/2014

Value for money has been in the news again recently – apparently some associations appear not to have engaged with the requirements of the Regulator.  A number of associations are facing a regulatory downgrade

Why We Still Need To Sweat The Small Stuff

Published 14/11/2013

Recently Trafford Housing Trust’s Customer Hub, our dedicated contact centre for customer enquiries, was recognised as one of the best of its kind in the UK at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service awards in

What Did We Learn From The “Bedroom Tax” Debate?

Published 13/11/2013

Six hours worth of parliamentary debate on welfare reform and what more do know? We know that the Coalition is still committed to the policy to remove the “spare room subsidy” from social housing tenants. It remains

How Can Housing Help Promote The Living Wage

Published 06/11/2013

The Living Wage went up again yesterday. For organisations with a social purpose at their heart, how can housing associations help make a commitment to the Living Wage the norm across our sector? At just

How Much Do We Value Our Customers?

Published 29/10/2013

They say that the best way to predict the future is to invent it* and listening to the energy chiefs subjected to a hostile line of enquiry from the Energy Select Committee MPs I

How HotHouse Can Help Us To Innovate

Published 16/10/2013

Is housing a world that has been slow to innovate? I once worked for a boss who, proudly, told me that the business of housing people was the same at the end of the 20th

Digital Dilemmas, Digital Dividends

Published 14/10/2013

Nearly three years ago Martha Lane Fox published the Directgov 2010 and Beyond report on behalf of government – an unequivocal call for all public sector service providers to develop and deliver high quality

What Do We Stand For?

Published 02/10/2013

It will be a bleak winter for many. Housing Associations can’t change the weather, but we can change a political orthodoxy which views it as justice to heap the burden of bankers’ excesses onto

The First One Hundred Days Of Universal Credit

Published 05/09/2013

It’s not easy running a major programme of change in government and Howard Shiplee’s candour  after 100 days in charge of universal credit is refreshing. Let’s leave aside the horrible new term of “missteps” and focus on

Big Data, Small Data And Social Housing

Published 21/08/2013

One of the really positive side effects of the abolition of the Audit Commission’s regime of standardisation has been that housing associations have begun to explore the data they hold about their own customers

How Will Housing Handle Inflation?

Published 14/08/2013

Inflation has been the media buzzword of the last few days and I wonder whether the housing world should be thinking more about its effect – almost certainly yes is my conclusion. Looking around the